Nik’s Photography Pricing

  • Sitting fee – $30.00  (you will recieve a cd w/ this price)
  • Additional pose – $5.00   (example – if taking family pictures and you would want pictures of your children it would be an additional charge of $5.00 per child)
  • Driving Fee – $5.00 ( If you want me to take pictures at another place besides the farm.)
  • Print Pricing                            1-10 prints                                 11+ prints
  • Wallets (set of 4)                         1.05                                               .75
  • 4×6                                                    .45                                                  .36
  • 5×5                                                    1.20                                                .90
  • 5×7                                                    1.50                                               1.40
  • 8×10                                                 3.00                                               2.50
  • 10×10                                              6.00                                               5.50
  • 11×14                                               10.50
  • Shipping  $6.00

2 thoughts on “Nik’s Photography Pricing

  1. Veronica, I must be computer illerate but I can’t find but 2 pictures of the schrock reunion. After the Shirk family, I saw the “zoo” pictures but I didn’t think the Schrocks were that bad. I think I looked through all of the pictures on your blog and saw lots of very good pictures but only Titus’ and Tressa’s family. Am I looking in the right place?

    1. @Mary Jane
      I’m sorry, I tried e-mailing them to you and they didn’t go through for some reason…I have cd’s made and will send it off in the mail asap…

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